Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY: Wall Decorative Item

Sometimes it's difficult to decide on what to buy for adding decorative touches at home. I usually prefer something simple to cover the bare walls. I also like to keep changing the style often, so I don't want to spend too much on decorative pieces. Today's craft is one such affordable item. My Sis made this easy to do wall piece with wooden craft sticks. You can buy them at any craft store or sometimes even at dollar store.
Also, you need sequins to add some bling :) . My mom sent me so many colors from India, the capital of sequins I would say. Gorgeous embroidery work is done in India using sequins. 
Mix and match different colored craft sticks and sequins for this craft.

Works well in powder room
What you need:
20 green craft sticks
20 blue craft sticks
80 silver color sequins
super glue

Steps to follow:
  1. On a clean surface line up four craft sticks with alternate color
  2. Leaving small width on outside of each stick and place small amount of glue at four points so that we can place four more sticks on top
  3. At exactly right angles place four sticks on top of first four with alternate color.
  4. Press them slightly with fingers to make sure they glue together.
  5. Again place small amount of glue at each intersection for the sequins
  6. Using a tooth pick, place sequins at these intersections and let the glue dry
  7. This makes one square, similarly make other four and glue them all as shown in the picture.
  8. Hang it anywhere using a pushpin.

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