Monday, May 7, 2012

Pull Apart Bread Rolls

My hubby is a big fan of bread. Soft buttery rolls are his weakness J so I baked fresh pull apart rolls for him recently. I just followed the recipe from King Arthur flour website. They came out perfect and look adorable. These soft rolls are good just as they are, but would taste great with a pat of butter. Another great combination is Nutella, cut the roll into half, slather with Nutella and I guarantee you the taste will be delectable. Next time I will probably add more sugar and an egg to the dough to get that Hawaiian sweet roll flavor.
Don't really need bread machine or stand mixer, just use the muscle power to knead the dough. The buttery aroma fills the whole house while these are baking, getting your appetite ready. Just grab the soft pillow-y goodness warm out of the oven and enjoy while they last.  I used the same dough to make stuffed rolls with potato & peas filling but we finished them all before I could take a picture. Will blog about those some other time.