Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mt. Diablo State Park

We went to Mount Diablo for a half day hike and picnic over the weekend to get a break from everyday routine. Mt. Diablo State park is located in San Francisco Bay area and provides spectacular views on a clear day. The weather was perfect and we worked up a sweat. While walking on the trail all you can hear is chirping of birds and sound of grass swaying to the breeze. This time of the year it's green everywhere on the hills around giving that European countryside look.
I packed light picnic food, chicken sandwich for hubby, apple cheese sandwich for me, garbanzo beans salad and fresh cut strawberries. We found a perfect picnic bench under a tree with beautiful view. It was a relaxing and refreshing trip. Since the summer is almost here, we promised ourselves that we will keep doing these day trips more often. You don't have to plan ahead, just grab something light for lunch put on your sneakers and get going to the nearest trail. As usual I forgot camera, so had to make do with my iphone :)

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  1. This is great Sawmya! looks like a great place for small hikes. We get so busy with work that we don't enjoy the good weather. BTW the sandwich looks yummmmmmm.