Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY: Decorative Wall Frame

I do small crafts at home as an hobby. They are easy and fun to do. I thought why not share it with you all. So, I am starting DIY series to make these simple and affordable items for decorating your home.
I am starting the series with this simple wall decorative piece that works as a frame. Any kind of wood sticks/poles can be used for this craft, like bamboo or natural wood. Dry branches from any tree will work well too. The whole point is to use something easily available or reuse and not spend too much. I originally used these poles in a vase and I had couple left over. All I needed then was a twine to tie them. Once ready, it can be framed around any small decorative piece to enhance and focus it more. I have set up two of these frames with inexpensive Chinese hand fans. Alter the length of the sticks according to the frame size you want.

What you need:
2 wood sticks - 14 inches
2 wood stick - 12 inches

Steps to follow:
  1. Place the long and short sized sticks in a rectangle form.
  2. The ends should be intersecting with 1.5 inch on both sticks outside of the intersection.
  3. Tie them at four corners with twine.
  4. Using clear push pins place it around any smaller decorative object. 

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