Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Decorating with House Plants

Adding a touch of green to any room is a quick decorating tip. Small house plants are easier to maintain and require very little space. They are perfect on a coffee table, side table, fireplace mantle or even on bed side table. I also like to have them in bathrooms because the mirror reflection adds more greenery to the space.
To be frank, I killed many plants in the past but few weeks back I picked up some plants from a local nursery to give it another try. They are doing good so far. J
The trick is not to mess with them too much. Water them only when needed and keep them in well lit rooms. Direct sunlight is not necessary.

Here are the varieties I have -

Pothos/Epipremnum - We commonly know this as 'money plant'. It is a hardy plant and will survive very well in soil or just in water.

Lucky Bamboo - This is such a low maintenance plant and I have this from past 2 years. Just keep refilling water in the pot. It seems this should be always received as gift rather than buying yourself J. I got this from a cousin. As the plant grows change it into bigger pot and add some marble stones for a neat look.

Dieffenbachia - This plant has decorative two toned (green/white) leaves. It needs moderately moist soil, so don't let the soil go completely dry.

Red-margined/Red-edged Dracaena - I really love the colors on this plant. it has beautiful pink stripes which goes very well with my rug and cushions.

Dracaena Marginata (Dragon Tree) - I bought this plant as is from Home depot and just topped it with pebble stones to cover the soil.


  1. Great Collection Saumya! I can't wait to see your house :)

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  3. very nice collection Saumya! Bet you must be having great time decorating your house with these plants :)