Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boiled Edamame

We have been getting lot of rain these days. On a rainy day, don't you love cozying up at home listening to pitter-patter of rain and reading a book. Of course, that's when I crave for something hot to eat. These boiled edamame perfectly suit the occasion and I don't have to feel guilty eating them. They are super healthy, low in fat, high in protein and fiber. Edamame are nothing but young green soybeans.
I buy them from the frozen section of my local grocery store. I always have a bag stashed in my freezer. Actually, preparing these beans is not much of a recipe. Just boil water in a big pot and add salt. Now add the frozen beans an boil for 5 minutes. Drain the water and they are ready to eat. They are delicious, addictive and fun to eat too. Squeeze the pods to pop the beans out.
Modify salt quantity according to your taste and quantity of beans. Sometimes I add a stick of cinnamon and couple of bay leaves to the boiling water before adding beans. Spices infuse their flavor and aroma to the edamame.


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