Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY: Center Pieces with Lentils

Glass vases need not always be for flower arrangements. This post is an example for that. I used  different kind of lentils and beans from my pantry to create these easy but beautiful centerpieces. It hardly takes 5 minutes to put everything together. It would be a fun project to do with kids. 
Try with any kind of lentils, beans or grains as long as the colors contrast well. Just layer them one after another in a clean glass vase. Top it with a candle and got a cool centerpiece ready to adorn any table.

Here is the list of what I used -
Green lentils 
Red lentils 
Black beans
Black eyed peas
Green peas
Split peas

Once you get bored with the look, take the top layer out, wash the remaining layers well and use it for soups or stews :)